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All our emails go through three verification steps, which guarantees a bounce rate of less than 2% and all our phone numbers, are the direct lines of your targets. Do not waste your time talking to assistants!

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You know how it’s important to follow-up your emails. However, more than half of the people give up afer the first follow-up ! We offer you a quick and easy way to automated your email automation. Schedule as many follow-ups as you like, we detect if your emails are open or clicked, and we manage your follow-ups in accordance !

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Our data scientists team can develop a customized prospect file by crossing dozens of different sources.

A few examples of our last achievements :
All the people working in the HR Department of South American Companies with more than 250 Employees
All engineers working on artificial intelligence in the world
All Owners of companies with fewer than 10 employees in the Florida

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